Um dos personagens mais famosos e temidos do mundo dos games, Sephiroth, de Final Fantasy, acaba de ganhar um rap remix baseado em suas maldades no jogo.
Quem produziu o trabalho foi a dupla formada pelos rappers Random e Lost Perception. A faixa integra o álbum Black Materia.

Dê uma olhada na música e na letra para deixar o inglês em dia:

You can’t imagine the anger, or measure the hatred.
Empathize with my anguish but I’ve been recreated.
And been biding my time, calculated and rated
for my moment to rise and wreak my repentance.
My whole life was a lie, everything I loved and held sacred
Was spit on, defiled, poisoned, corrupted and tainted.
I died as a human, cast down and forsaken
My soul was exhumed, reborn a one-winged angel.
I’ll burn this world in hellfire, tear it apart
I ‘ve had my revenge but revenge wasn’t enough.
Look at these corporations, so much greed and corruption
People are puppets crawling up out to the slums.
You perfected flawed are undeserving of love
I’ll merge with the lifestream, then emerge as a god.
Then crash the world with this rock as my mother intended
New birth of a son, Alpha, Omega beginning and ending.


The meanest, the illest, the most villainous killer
of millions rocking the sword and hair of silver, its (Sephiroth)
Product of an experiment gone wrong, burn the village down and he’s long gone.
His name is… (Sephiroth)
Black materia, meteor spell caster. Task master. Many come before but not come after. (Sephiroth)
Sephiroth, better get to steppin’ off, never soft, man they kill ya ‘fore ya get ya weapon off.


I ain’t scared of you, really I’m prepared to do
Whatever it takes, I cut the head off a snake
So an angel with one wing is next to nothing,
Gotta let you know one thing, we are coming

Behold a pale horse, a storm with a gale force,
His power is unstoppable and therefore
He’s at the center of the earth so we travel there
His shadow flare almost knocked me out the battle here.
The Super Nova is ferocious, destroys the solar system,
Just to hit us with a dosage, Pluto gone
Jupiter, mercury roasted, feel like dying
but somehow I’m focused
Level 99, my combat is explosive,
For your heinous crimes you must be demoted,
Limit break – Omnislash, blades entering his body fast,
Barrett’s catastrophe, hits em, multiple shottie blasts.
Tifa does her part too,
Beat rush, Somersault, water kick, Sephiroth eats all of it,
Emergency, ain’t no time for callin’ 9-11,
How you stop hell? I know, Final Heaven.
We face to face, man to man, sword to sword,
His bloody body explodes and it turns to orbs,
Didn’t do it for fame, didn’t do it for gain
But I still get a chill whenever I hear the name.